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    welcome LODAHL is an engineering consulting firm that has provided technical al assistance for more than 25 years to offshore industry, the petrochemical industry and power plants,...
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  • 3D-scanning
    3D-scanning LODAHL Lodahl offers precise and accurate 3D-scanning which forms the basis for proper design. We have over 10 years’ experience in this field ..
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  • 3d-measuring
    3d-measuring LODAHL offers 3D-measurement utilizing laser based measuring equipment that supports a project from beginning to end.
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  • engineering
    engineering LODAHL Lodahl has accumulated more than 25 years of experience and expertise in the petrochemical industry (both on and off shore), power plant industry, and pharmaceutical industry.
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  • consultants
    consultants LODAHL has built an extensive expertise in consulting and project management over the last 25 years...
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Engineering FIRM Lodahl

LODAHL is an engineering consulting firm that has provided technical assistance utilizing 3D-scanning,
3D-measurement, 3D-space management, dimension control, and engineering for over 25 years to the following: 

•                          Offshore industry

•                          Petrochemical industry

•                          Power plants

•                          Pharmaceutical industry

These industries account for the largest portion of our customer base, but over the years the range of industries where LODAHL is involved has increased. LODAHL has been involved in the facilitation of constructing theatres, metro transportation, opera houses, and architectural firms around the world. LODAHL offers technical assistance and consulting services to our customers in all disciplines.